Our Work

Our campaigns past and present grow from our mission and values.  In our work we strive to follow the core principles of Fair Development: universality, equity, participation, transparency, and accountability.  Following are descriptions of our key campaigns and activities.  We invite you to join us!





Staff and members have been working since the beginning of the pandemic to distribute PPE, food, and cleaning supplies to city-wide residents and to tenants in several West Baltimore housing complexes. We also have been working in coalition with other organizations to demand greater housing protections during this time. In addition to filling a dire need, we have also found this program to be a great platform for outreach, and as the pandemic eases, we are organizing and laying the ground work for participants to become active members of our committees and leadership activities.



In pursuit of the human right to housing, we are working towards solutions to the housing and development crisis in Baltimore, bringing residents together to enact their vision for their own communities..  Two aspects of this work are community control of land and tenant organizing.

Community Control of Land and Development
Community land trusts and other shared equity models of housing are critical tools we are using to address failed development in Baltimore.  The overall goal is to stabilize communities on the westside of Baltimore by establishing permanently affordable, safe, equitable housing as well as safe and enjoyable greenspaces like our HOPE Garden. We are also fostering a CLT in Harlem Park, maintaining a focus on grassroots organizing aligned with our mission.

Tenant Organizing  
We are also working in West Baltimore to expand the capacity of tenant leaders through organizing and training in skills that will lead to improved living conditions, housing protection, and shared governance.  



Leadership development is the thread that runs through all United Workers campaigns. Through leadership schools, human rights committees, and trainings, we are identifying and developing leaders who have a shared analysis and the skills to organize, organize, organize!

Leadership School
The goal of our ongoing Leadership School is to better unify, train, and support both staff and members.  Suspended during the pandemic this year. this vital program will begin again as soon as feasible.  We plan to connect our curriculum with that of the University of the Poor and to employ an “organizing cycles” schedule to maintain/focus on organizing, base building, and consolidation.  

Youth Organizing
Our aim is to build Youth Organizing into the work we do throughout the organization. One current program is the Harlem Park History Project where youth are researching and interviewing residents and at the same time learning videography and video editing skills.  We also have a Seed to Table program for younger children who learn to plant, nurture, harvest, and prepare healthy food.


Polluting industries and unsustainable practices are detrimental to the well-being of Baltimore communities. Advocating for alternatives is putting us on the path to a healthy environment and equitable future. 

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