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Welcome to the United Workers!

The United Workers Association is a human rights organization led by the poor across barriers of color, gender, and language. We fight to end poverty and secure the human rights of everyone, everywhere.  We do this because we value human dignity and strongly believe in the inherent worth of every person

Our values ensure that leadership development of low-wage workers remains paramount in the mission of the United Workers.  We are guided by our dedication to the following values:

  • Human rights: Dignity, respect, and the sanctity of human life

  • Freedom from poverty: Poverty as a political choice that can end through a movement led by the poor across lines of color, gender, and language.

  • Leadership development: Growth through study, training, learning by leading, participating in decision-making, and unity through actions.

Our activities are designed to create space for reflection, community building, political education, cultural programs, and leadership development as well as preparation for the initiatives and campaigns of the United Workers.  We invite you to join us!  

Please help us support one of our members in need! Princess is trying to find housing and recover after a house fire at her rental property left her homeless. We're going to continue to fight for our people and for affordable housing for all so no one else is forced into this situation. 

Click here to Donate to her GoFundMe. We are also open to other ideas of support such as resource sharing, furniture donations, etc. Please reach out to Michael Coleman at [email protected]