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Welcome to the United Workers!

The United Workers Association is a human rights organization led by the poor across barriers of color, gender, and language. We fight to end poverty and secure the human rights of everyone, everywhere.  We do this because we value human dignity and strongly believe in the inherent worth of every person

Our values ensure that leadership development of low-wage workers remains paramount in the mission of the United Workers.  We are guided by our dedication to the following values:

  • Human rights: Dignity, respect, and the sanctity of human life

  • Freedom from poverty: Poverty as a political choice that can end through a movement led by the poor across lines of color, gender, and language.

  • Leadership development: Growth through study, training, learning by leading, participating in decision-making, and unity through actions.

Our activities are designed to create space for reflection, community building, political education, cultural programs, and leadership development as well as preparation for the initiatives and campaigns of the United Workers.  We invite you to join us!  


We Are Hiring!
Job Announcement:  Full-time Housing Leadership Organizer Position 

Job Title: Housing Organizer
Employer: United Workers Association
Status: Full Time Temporary Position
Salary: $20.19/hour
Application Deadline: June 30th, 2021
Contract Period: August 2021- March 2022

The United Workers Association is a non-profit human rights organization led by the poor across color lines, gender, and language barriers. We fight to end poverty and secure the human rights of everyone, everywhere.  We do this because we value human dignity, and strongly believe in the inherent worth of every person.

Position Focus: The primary goal of this position is to support United Workers efforts to establish a citywide tenant association. We are currently organizing four properties in NW Baltimore with the understanding that the organizing will grow beyond those properties. This position will include, but not limited to direct outreach to impacted tenants (food distribution, canvassing, community meetings, etc). 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Commitment to political education and leadership development
  • Outreach activities through weekly food distribution, community meetings, home visits, phone calls and follow ups. 
    • Establish a trusting relationship with the tenants, partners and allies.
    • Organize and facilitate meetings of the tenants at these properties.
    • Identify, develop, and support leaders in the buildings.
  • Tracking and reporting Weekly outreach activities 
  • Working in coalition spaces with other advocacy groups on strategic campaign issues. 
  • Organize, teach and support volunteers

Job Requirements and Skills to be Developed    

  • Grassroots organizing, including outreach , one on one conversations, mobilizing, leadership development, event organizing and communications. 
  • Have basic computer skills for data entry and documentation
  • Be willing to speak in public 
  • Strong interpersonal skills- informing and inspiring others through public speaking, meetings, and one-on-one relationships. 
  • Organizational skills including multitasking and strategic planning 
  • Works independently as well as collaboratively. 
  • Belief that all life is sacred and worthy of dignity, and agree with the Human Rights framework for organizing. 
  • Be able to carry 20lb food distribution boxes up and down stairs

Preference will be shown to candidates who: 

  • Have prior outreach and organizing experience
  • Own their own car or possess a valid drivers license 
  • Are bilingual (English and Spanish or English and Russian)

How To Apply:

To apply click HERE to fill out our employment application and attach your resume and cover letter stating your interest to the United Workers Association. In your letter of interest, please tell us why you believe you would be a good person for this job.

If you are unable to apply electronically, you can mail a copy of your resume and cover letter to: 

United Workers Association
℅ Iletha Joynes
PO Box 41547
Baltimore, MD 21203

For any questions you may have, please email our Office Manager Iletha Joynes at: [email protected].  

Hiring Process:

Internal Applicants (Applicants who have been involved in United Workers organizing, education, and/or leadership activities and/or have worked with the United Workers in the past):  

Interviews conducted by our hiring panel will be scheduled during the months July-Aug 2021.  A successful internal applicant will be expected to complete hiring paperwork within one week of being notified of his/her hiring.  Orientation and initial training will begin on the first day of employment. 

If no qualified internal applicant applies, the job will be announced externally, with a later application deadline.  

Persons of color and those with background and experience as low-wage workers are strongly urged to apply.

The United Workers does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law and works affirmatively to employ persons from disadvantaged and/or oppressed groups in society, including those with disabilities or handicapping conditions that are imposed by the social and economic inequities of society.