United Workers

The United Workers was founded in 2002 by homeless day laborers meeting in an abandoned firehouse-turned-shelter. We were inspired by past human rights struggles, such as the fight to end slavery, the struggle for civil rights, calls for immigration with dignity, the labor movement, the fight for international economic justice and other human rights and justice movements. For the first years of our founding, we focused on understanding the root causes of poverty and dedicated ourselves to organizing around universal human rights. The Living Wages at Camden Yards Campaign was developed out of this process.

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  • We’re right behind you on this cause!
  • Any interest in buyin buildin and startin a workers coop. Renos are available for $8000.
  • A great program that is run by low-wage workers, who help develop leaders and improve workers lives within the community.
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  • Very interesting site

  • What was the purpose of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee and who was the head?

    What was the purpose of the United Farm Workers Organizing Committeee and who was the head of the comittee?

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  • Great cause. Totally support it. Environmental issues are really important especially in the era of Trump. Lets do something!!! http://www.workoutgearlab.net
  • This is a fantastic organization and we are just so excited to see the difference you make.

  • I really like your organization and im looking for any way to help you , May by donation or any way you like , just let me know the way .
    Mohamed Elhosary,
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  • I think this effort is necessary. It is needed by many, because most wage earners cannot afford to live in some parts of their own cities, let alone parts of the country. That is not right, nor is it fair, by any means.
  • Guys like you are real inspiration. I will donate for sure. Keep up the good work guys. Madeline – http://pillowfiesta.com/
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  • This is I think a very good initiative. The world is for everybody and everybody shold have equal rights.
  • I will definitely donate for the better cause. I will support United Workers advocacy all the way. More power and god bless. Scotty – http://calcustar.com
  • United Workers : Everyone’s’
    Right to sustainable affordable
    housing in green recreational
    Communities near funded educational opportunities is
    A breath of sacred fresh air .
  • We fully support this initiative, and we really hope more people will understand the need for more equality. http://www.spilleautomaterspins.com/
  • Do you think in this year 2016 there are still slaves around the world !! my answer will be yes ! when a worker in factory work for 12 hours/day for 6 days/week and just take salary below $100/month !!!! so yes he is slave to the factory owner. in my country this happen and happen alot .
    Mohamed Elhosary,
  • A great crusade for environmental justice.
  • Great Initiative!