Ted Piotte

We met Ted Piotte and his wife Laura on a cold winter afternoon while going door to door in Curtis Bay to update folks on our campaign to stop the nation's largest trash burning incinerator from being built less than a mile from schools in the community. We were welcomed out of the cold into the Piotte's home and soon discovered a warm creative spirit.

We talked for over an hour with the conversation moving from Ted's experiences working as a forklift operator in the industrial backyard of his neighborhood to how he became a self taught artist (wood carving being his medium of choice). From memory, Laura shared poems she had composed years ago about love and friendship. Both spoke to the marks on the health and environment of their community made by toxic pollution. 

We conducted a video interview with Ted who offered to share some of his memories and stories as an artist with us. That video will be coming soon. For now, please enjoy these photos by the United Workers media team documenting some of Ted's beautiful work. (pictured with Ted above are Free Your Voice leaders Charles Graham and Patrick Nelson) 

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