Reflections on the Housing is a Human Right Leadership School

A diverse group of community members from all across Baltimore came together this past year to engage in deep study on the historical roots of our housing crisis. Today we will here from Donald Gresham and Chris Lafferty, two graduates of the school, about their experience with the study and how it relates to today's Baltimore: 


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  • Sam Harrahs
    Housing is absolutely a human right. Its said to know that not every can get the shelter they deserve. My business does a few Pro Bono design jobs per year to help those who can just barely afford a home and basic furnishings. Its not much but it is everyone’s job to help each other out when they can.
  • Hank Gilbertson
    Housing is a basic human right. Everyone should be entitled to this, and the government needs to do more!

    Hank –
  • Summer Trump
    Leadership schools has become our need of the era. As the expert at says through this, our kids connect with history and get some motivation to become a leader, a true leader.
  • Amy Woodrum
    Baltimore is having a housing crisis,here’s a few words to enlighten you!!