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Lauren Paniati 2017

$650.00 raised
GOAL: $750.00

This is the second summer I have spent walking around the streets of Baltimore talking to everyone passing by about the issues of affordable housing in Baltimore. Through these conversations I have felt the collective and urgent call for a change in the way housing is structured in Baltimore. Just the number of vacant houses itself demonstrates the issue. There is a housing crisis in baltimore, and there are people coming together to build the system we want to see. 

United Workers represents an important effort to create systems that work to meet all of our basic human needs and rights, like affordable housing. Im excited to be running this year to raise money the first land to be acquired for a community land trust house in Curtis Bay! Share, donate, get involved, ask me if you wanna find out more!

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Brenda Wetzel
David Paniati
Jeffrey Paniati

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