Keith Brown

Keith Brown is a West Baltimore resident and has been a leader with the United Workers for years. Keith is a graduate of the Housing is a Human Right leadership school and will soon be teaching a new group of students about the history that underlies our current housing crisis.

He is also a talented graphic artist who uses his abilities to illustrate and illuminate complex issues of human rights, social justice and Fair Development. Recently, Keith designed a series of 30 foot tall Fair Development emblems for our Spring Concert to celebrate breakthroughs in our struggle for human rights. With each emblem, Brown took on a pillar of Fair Development (housing, healthcare,environment and education) and rendered them plain for us to see. Reflecting on his work Brown said, "we don't have these as human rights but these images are meant to make a light bulb go off in people's minds that these are rights and values we should strive and fight for."  

Check out a few examples of Keith's growing body of work and stay tuned for more beautiful examples of leadership and creativity coming together to generate something powerful.  


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