Jennifer Kunze Leads

My name is Jennifer, and I'm a board member of Charm City Land Trust and member of Amazing Grace Church in McElderry Park. I joined the board last year after having benefited for five years from CCLT's community garden, the Amazing Port Street Commons. This open space, vegetable garden, orchard, and prayer & meditation labyrinth has been protected for almost two decades by CCLT, maintaining it as the only open green space in the neighborhood and protecting it from development. It's a beautiful and peaceful place that has provided a lot of solace for me over the past six years, and is a vital community space in East Baltimore.

The Amazing Port Street Commons shows what is possible when communities have ownership and control over the land around them. We want to take that vision a step farther and build permanently affordable housing in East Baltimore. As speculative development builds around McElderry Park, rents and home values are rising - and in a neighborhood where most people rent their homes, that means that members of the community can be forced out. Charm City Land Trust owns one house on the 500 block of North Luzerne Avenue, and with your help, we can renovate and sell it to become a deeply affordable home, and prove that community ownership works in McElderry Park.

I'm running in Exercise Your Rights because we're in a race to create as much permanently affordable housing as we can, as home prices in the neighborhood rise. Please support CCLT and help us build our first home.

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