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Ivan Leshinsky

$50.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00

I am running to support Team Exercise Your Rights this year because I’ve been very impressed with how this group has engaged people from all walks of life and particularly young people, to address some of the seemingly intractable social, economic and health problems facing the Baltimore area. They are a valued partner of my own organization CCYD and deserve to be supported. I find some of their projects and vision such as the 20/20 campaign to win public investment in permanently affordable housing and worker’s rights such as earned sick leave to become a statewide law to be especially important. Their grassroots organizing and leadership development at United Workers for Fair Development is also significant. Last, but personally important to me is the need for people of all ages to stay active, get outdoors and lead a healthy lifestyle that includes good eating habits and exercise. At my age if I can still run 5K and be inspirational to others, so much the better.

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Ivan Leshinsky

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