How will it impact us in Curtis Bay? Do they know how it would affect people?


The incinerator would pollute the air with 240 lbs of mercury and 1000 lbs of lead (that’s more lead than Maryland’s largest coal fired power plants). It would release other toxic pollutants like dioxins and NOx and fine particulates. These pollutants are linked to some of the health problems that Curtis Bay is already suffering from like lung cancer, heart disease, and lower respiratory disease. We know that the pollutants that would come from the incinerator do have very negative consequences for our health and we know that Curtis Bay already has a lot of these pollutants.

In 2013, Free Your Voice wrote a letter to the Baltimore City Health Department requesting a health impact assessment (HIA) to help us answer this question in more detail. Unfortunately, the department declined the request and no HIA has been conducted to ask basic health related questions about the plan to build the nations' largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile from schools.

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