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Destiny Watford 2017

GOAL: $2,000.00

Q/A with Destiny Watford (excerpt from the full interview here http://www.goldmanprize.org/blog/qa-destiny-watford/)

You began your journey with Free Your Voice as a young adult—at an age where you do a lot of growing up and learning. How has your work to stop Energy Answers shaped who you are today?

I am certainly more radical than I have ever been! Before I joined Free Your Voice I didn’t really pay attention to the greater scheme of things. I, like many people my age, are in our own personal, independent bubble, not as concerned about the lives and health of others besides our loved ones. I didn’t really think of the big picture, when I tossed out a wrapper, where it goes and the consequences it could have for others and myself.

When I learned about the incinerator, I started to question a lot of things like where waste goes and what happens to it, because it doesn’t just disappear. Outside the realm of trash, I realized it is important to question why people invested in something, why things are the way they are, and what can I do to change things in a way that isn’t superficial but gets to the root of the problem.

What are your college and post-college life plans? Do you think your activism will play a role in what you want to do in the future?

When I was younger I wanted to be a journalist because I love storytelling. I want to make sure that the voices that matter and their stories are being told. A lot of times these voices are pushed out or muted.

Free Your Voice and United Workers (a human rights organization based out of Baltimore) are leaders that teach a younger generation of leaders. It’s a learning cycle that goes on with new people, people sharing their narrative and teaching people to do the same.

That’s something I want to do; making sure the voices that matter and their stories are being told. Teaching others to share their voice is something I’m passionate about and want to do with my future.