Curtis Bay residents call for community control of 80 acres of land!

Check out this powerful new video featuring students, business owners, faith leaders calling for community driven positive alternatives to the incinerator. After the video, sign our petition calling on Maryland Department of the Environment to enforce the law and support our push for Fair Development. 

Like many communities, we find ourselves in a basic struggle for survival in which our health is sacrificed and the very air we breathe is made toxic by failed development. In such times we must come together to use our creativity and collective resources to find solutions to the crisis we face. Today, we are proud to share this powerful video calling for community control of the 80 acre site currently being held hostage by Energy Answers' plan to build the nations' largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile from schools in Curtis Bay. 

For the past several years community members and an amazing group of supporters have developed a democratic process to identify community driven solutions to the challenges we face. Ideas emerging from this process include a community solar farm that would utilize Maryand's new community solar legislation to generate truly green energy along with savings and wealth for local residents. We have also identified a number of recycling and composting businesses that would bring hundreds of good jobs along with practical solutions to dealing with waste (instead of burning or burying it all). 

Meanwhile, the incinerator project has failed to meet the requirements of the federal Clean Air Act and is holding over 80 acres of land hostage. Many of you reading this were instrumental in our successful push to get over 20 public entities to choose to terminate their energy contracts with the incinerator. Now it is time for the Maryland Department of the Environment to step up and do the right thing for our health, our environment and our economy. Along with this video, we are gathering comments and petitions calling upon the Maryland Department of the environment to enforce the law and hold Energy Answers accountable. Stop holding us back from taking a big step toward Fair Development!

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