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Crystal Hall 2017

GOAL: $2,000.00

I am running with Team Exercise Your Rights, because I am inspired daily by the victories large and small won by United Workers to develop and unite leaders committed to building a movement to achieve human rights and end poverty. I began working with United Workers a few years ago to connect faith communities with the human rights organizing that was happening in their neighborhoods. As we studied Scripture together, we discerned how God was calling us to proclaim good news to the poor, liberty to the oppressed and the recovery of sight to the blind in Baltimore today. This call means working to end the construction of the nation’s largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile away from where children go to school and replacing it with a solar energy farm controlled by the community. It means ending homelessness in a city where there are 40,000 vacant homes by ensuring that all people have affordable housing through community land trusts. It means struggling to ensure that workers never have to decide between staying home take care of themselves or a sick child and losing their job through guaranteed paid sick leave. I invite you to generously support this work. In doing so you become part of the movement for the human rights values of dignity for all, respect for all and the sacredness of life.