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Chloe Ahmann

$70.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000.00

I used to teach first grade in Curtis Bay, and am running with a former student, Jesse, in mind. Jesse, like many of my students, suffered from asthma--the product of living in an environment long burdened by heavy industry, compounded by poor health care in the region. Each spring, for 15 minutes a day, I'd take my students outside to get their energy out. We'd run around the school or play games on top of the hill, and Jesse always had to stop--to take breaks, to cough, to recompose himself. He was six years old, and was already coming to terms with how forces beyond his control could limit his mobility and condition shortened breath.

Last year, when I first ran with Team Exercise Your Rights, I was reminded of Jesse, and I was also reminded that being able to run without having trouble breathing is a privilege. It shouldn't be. I'm proud to join the team again this year to bring attention (and funds!) to the conditions that shape Jesse's life. And I hope you'll support the work this group is doing to change those conditions.

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