Audrey and Leah Rozier aka Leah N Drey Rose

Audrey and Leah Rozier have been working with other leaders in their community for the past three years to the stop the nations' largest trash burning incinerator from being built less than a mile from their homes. They are also up and coming musicians who use their talent to advance the fight for social justice and universal human rights. The two sisters wrote this powerful song entitled "Free Your Voice" about the struggle they are a part of here in Baltimore. They then performed the song just feet away from key decision makers in a push to get Baltimore City to withdraw their support for the incinerator. We captured that moment as it happened and you can watch it right here: 


Listen to the studio recording of the Free Your Voice anthem here and check out more music by Lean N Drey Rose: 

Audrey and Leah featured on WYPR's Environment in Focus! Listen Here.

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