Curtis Bay residents call for community control of 80 acres of land!

Check out this powerful new video featuring students, business owners, faith leaders calling for community driven positive alternatives to the incinerator. After the video, sign our petition calling on Maryland Department of the Environment to enforce the law and support our push for Fair Development. 

Like many communities, we find ourselves in a basic struggle for survival in which our health is sacrificed and the very air we breathe is made toxic by failed development. In such times we must come together to use our creativity and collective resources to find solutions to the crisis we face. Today, we are proud to share this powerful video calling for community control of the 80 acre site currently being held hostage by Energy Answers' plan to build the nations' largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile from schools in Curtis Bay. 

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Reflections on building a movement for human rights in Baltimore

We are proud to share Destiny Watford's keynote speech delivered at the 10th annual Human Rights Dinner with all of you in a special video prepared by the United Workers Media Team. Please watch and share widely. Destiny's speech is the result of years spent organizing collectively for human rights and environmental justice here in Baltimore and offers key insights from this work. This video features Destiny delivering the speech in spaces across the city starting with the human rights dinner and then moving into the Fairfield Peninsula itself where several communities have been displaced and is now the site of the proposed trash burning incinerator.

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Human Rights Dinner: Learning as we lead!

On Sunday June 28th people from all walks of life will be gathering to share a meal as we reflect on the past year spent growing the movement for human rights. The evening will feature a speech prepared by Destiny Watford in which she will share insights and lessons from the campaign to stop the nations' largest trash burning incinerator from being built less than a mile away from Curtis Bay. Take a look at the video below to see a brief excerpt from the speech and join us on Sunday June 28th at 6pm for a wonderful evening.


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Cutting edge ideas to advance housing as a human right!

Community members in Northeast Baltimore are hard at work researching and digging deep to find solutions to the problems they experience every day. The lack of affordable housing is at the forefront of these challenges. A diverse, talented and passionate team has come together to support leaders in Northeast as well as other parts of Baltimore City. Now, we are seeing community driven, cutting edge, and truly visionary ideas emerging in response to the complex challenge of creating permanently affordable housing.  

Check out these two videos from a recent community forum to begin to learn about these exciting ideas. 


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Reflections on the Housing is a Human Right Leadership School

A diverse group of community members from all across Baltimore came together this past year to engage in deep study on the historical roots of our housing crisis. Today we will here from Donald Gresham and Chris Lafferty, two graduates of the school, about their experience with the study and how it relates to today's Baltimore: 


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Destiny Watford Reflects on the recent events in Baltimore

United Workers and Free Your Voice Leader Destiny Watford reflecting on the events here in Baltimore, "the way that the media is shaping this issue is...stripping them of their humanity." Destiny calls for a discussion and examination of the root economic, social and political causes of the events here in Baltimore. "The deeper root questions that get at the deeper issues of what's going on are not being asked"

Destiny's reflection along with our campaign to stop the incinerator was featured in this powerful piece by Brentin Mock on Baltimore riots flared up in a toxic environment

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West Baltimore community members on the importance of rec centers to their community

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