Action Tool Kit

#1. FMC, Free the Land!

Now that Maryland state officials enforced the law and terminated the incinerator's permit - it's time to move forward with the community driven plan to develop a community owned solar farm. In order to do so, we all need to join together and call upon the CEO of FMC Corporation Pierre R Brondeau to release 90 acres of land being held by the trash burning incinerator company in order to make way for a community owned solar farm. Join in the call now!  

# 2. End Public Subsidies for Trash Incinerators!

To ensure that our precious public resources don't continue going to support toxic incinerator developments, we also need to call upon the EPA and Maryland state government to stop subsidizing trash incinerators! Join in the call now! 

#3. Support Development without Displacement!

Finally, help sustain grassroots efforts led by people directly impacted by environmental injustice. Donate to support the grassroots campaign in Baltimore calling for public investment in equitable and sustainable development. Click here to donate now!




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