Stop the Incinerator News Roundup

Residents from South Baltimore and all across the state have been calling upon the Maryland Department of the Environment to enforce the law regarding the incinerator's expired permit for months. In response to silence from MDE - 200 residents showed up to follow through on petitions and letters. MDE's response was astonishing. They shut the doors, locked the gates and continued to stall. The events of Tuesday Dec 15th and the ongoing call for justice regarding the incinerator have received a lot of media attention. 


Capital Gazette: 
Baltimore Brew: 
Del Marva Public Radio:
Waste Dive: 
Cool Green Schools: 

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  • Cindy Melvin
    This is insane. I can’t believe they shut everyone out like this. Wow. Thank you for posting news like this, it’s amazing to me that people stand up and care so much. Looking forward to more!

    With love,

  • Amanda Smith
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