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Maryland Department of the Environment, Enforce the Law!

Energy Answers, the New York based company planning to build the nation’s largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile away from schools in Curtis Bay, is proposing to build the facility with an expired permit, in violation of the federal Clean Air Act. We are calling upon the Maryland Department of the Environment to enforce the law and hold Energy Answers accountable.

Under Energy Answers’ Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN) and the federal Clean Air Act, a permit for the construction of a major source of air pollution, like the Energy Answers incinerator, expires if construction is substantially discontinued for a period of 18 months or more after it has commenced. As of June 3, 2015, the date of MDE’s most recent site inspection, Energy Answers had substantially discontinued construction for over 19 months, and no additional construction appears to have been performed since then. Therefore, the air quality provisions of the CPCN, which represent Energy Answers’ Clean Air Act approval to construct the incinerator, have expired.

Energy Answers must be held accountable for its actions and must face the clear and unambiguous consequences of its failure to meet the construction requirements of its CPCN and the Clean Air Act: expiration of its approval to construct the facility. We urge MDE to issue a written determination that the air quality provisions of MDE’s CPCN have expired.

Without action, the failed incinerator development will continue to hold us back from Fair Development alternatives. We are calling for the 80+ acre site to house a community driven solar project to create truly green energy and help build wealth for community members. We are also exploring recycling and composting projects that deal with waste responsibly and create good jobs without harming our health or environment. 

We want Curtis Bay to be a model for Fair Development and to help Baltimore move towards becoming a just and sustainable city. Don't allow Curtis Bay to continue to be used as a dumping ground for Failed Development: issue a written determination that the air quality provisions of MDE's CPCN have expired.

Fairfield site on 8/3/2015
Construction at the site sas been substantially discontinued for 19 months and counting

 For more information on our call for MDE to enforce the law and hold Energy Answers accountable please read this letter and supporting attachments signed by 19 community, faith, work with dignity, human rights and environmental groups. 


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  • Michael Dorsey
  • Paula N. King
  • Calvin Lawrence Perry
  • William Shewbridge
  • Adam Droneburg
  • Stephen Bradley
  • Gracer Byerly
    How long, in the land of the free & the brave, will $$$ & big business be more important than the hard working people who drell on the land. NO incinerator, let the people find good ways to use the land on which they dwell & strive to raise their children.
  • Casey Connelly
  • Sarah Davidson
    Sign the petition:
  • Sarah Davidson
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  • Hana Kim
    the community has enough pollution. Tire factories and Landfils please don’t add to our pollution .
  • Tiara Mundell
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  • David Zee
    We don’t want this Curtis Bay incinerator. We are Democrats, Tea Party Republicans, and everybody else.
  • Lola Reightler
    Please consider the people involved who will be adversely effected by the increased pollution in an already polluted condemned area.
  • Dionne Watkins
    I feel it’s a health risk to the environment and to the children. My concern is about my grand daughter as well as my health. She has respiratory problems and this will make it worse. I’m very interested in helping to stop this.
  • Betty Smith
  • Karen Houston
    This project is not healthy for our families. I will pray to God that this project does not occur!!
  • Angela Rodriguez
    I have written editorials, testified in Annapolis on a bill sponsored by past Delegate, now County Executive Schuh, and attended many meetings. This needs to be stopped for our children.
  • Laurence Gill
  • Lamont Johnson
  • Deborah Frank