Accountability: Response To Public Letter

The United Workers Association is a human rights organization led by the poor across color lines, gender, and language barriers. We fight to end poverty and secure the human rights of everyone, everywhere. We do this because we value human dignity and respect and believe in the inherent worth of all people.  The United Workers remains committed to these missions and these guiding principles.   

Certain allegations have recently been made in public against a staff member of United Workers by former or current staff and or allies from the community. We will investigate these allegations with the same rigor and integrity that we would have had they been made through internal organizational channels. We have robust grievance, investigation, and resolution procedures and are committed to taking immediate action as we build toward a better future in accordance with our values.

As always, we are dedicated to pursuing restorative, reparative, and transformative justice, and to identifying key outcomes that will facilitate systemic organizational change.  To that end, we have sought an outside consultant with expertise in community accountability processes that can provide guidance, support in sharing best practices, and ensure comprehensive, informed, accountable implementation.  

 As you may know, the United Workers is in a period of transition, but we -- the Staff Collective and Leadership Council -- are firmly and passionately pledged to upholding United Workers’ values in all cases and in all ways. 


United Workers Staff and Leadership Council