Is this school (Ben) the only school supporting this?


No, the entire Baltimore City Public School system along with others like the Howard County schools, Β are in contracts with the incinerator. To be clear, the School Systems are a part of something called the BRCPC which makes purchasing decisions for/with groups like the schools. The schools on their own did not go out and approach the incinerator to buy energy. We mention this for 2 reasons, one it gives us confidence that the schools and other institutions are n but also it tells us that decisions like this one are not as transparent or accountable as we believe they should be.

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  • Yeje Fol
    I appreciate this excellent initiative taken. This can be very useful in the future.
  • Benson Gitau
    I am great to know how the Baltimore City Public School System is in a crisis. I believe we would like to see more changes. Can someone help me get a more detailed information on what needs to be done or what other cities do when they are in such a crisis. Any link
  • Monica Lee
    May you tell here more about Baltimore City Public School system because I am thinking to open a school for that I am looking some school systems that which are best systems in school. Now I have got here I know this is prove too helpful to me in m education or academic needs.
  • Jose Dennard
    In other words, Baltimore City Public School system is in contract with , which is a service for making purchasing decisions depending on a subject matter. That public school doesn’t deal with that service explicitly, it offers students to get some help with papers if they can’t do it themselves.