Housing is a Human Right 


Maryland is facing a housing crisis. Baltimore alone has over 40,000 vacants. United Workers is organizing to create permanently affordable housing across the region. Renters, homeowners and the homeless are building unity and standing up to find solutions to our housing crisis.


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  • Jonathan Durham Ned Ng
    It’s surprising how little people know about the number of people that are actually without a home. These videos really bring what is going on to the forefront of society. It’s very important more people actually understand what is happening. <a>https://www.durhamng.com/&lt;/a&gt; will actually help provide a consultation to help determine what can be done to get you the representation you deserve.
  • Sharon Millanta
    I in my view assume all and sundry ought to take delivery of a bit of land appropriate to construct on however now not always a residence once they turn 18. i am getting numerous flack from fellow Conservatives on this due to the fact they accuse me of having a socialist concept. I overlook why it is Socialist, though for the people no longer to take delivery of the land but it isn’t referred to http://www.essayhelpdeal.co.uk/persuasive-essay/ as Socialist when it is “government assets”. Our government owns heaps of land and it must take delivery of to the homeless and younger people not capable of get a residence but. The government of a non-socialist country must no longer personal anything in any respect if i am to recognize the difference between Socialism and Democracy. but no one need to have the proper to pressure a person else to construct for them. if they needed to live in a tipi till they could find the money for to build, this is their problem.