FMC, Free the Land!

Building on the recent Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) decision to terminate the incinerator permit, United Workers and Free Your Voice are calling on the FMC Corporation's CEO Pierre R Brondeau to release the 90 acres of land currently being held by the trash burning incinerator company. This will make way for community driven development initiatives including a community owned solar farm. Sign on now to make your voice heard and call upon FMC to free the land! 

From Dumping Ground to Solar Farm

Residents in Curtis Bay Brooklyn have been fighting for over 4 years to stop the plan to build the nations' largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile from schools in the most polluted community in Baltimore. The incinerator would have imported 4,000 tons of tires, metals and plastics everyday ALL from outside of Baltimore to be burned. The incinerator was permitted to emit 240 lbs of brain damaging mercury and 1000 lbs of lead per year.

Last year Free Your Voice leaders helped to persuade nearly two dozen municipalities and school boards including Baltimore City Public Schools to end their support for the incinerator. Most recently students and community leaders won a major victory when the Maryland Department of Environment terminated the permit for the project after months of public pressure by residents.

“The world is watching Baltimore and the injustices that we face. After the tragic death of Freddie Gray and the unrest that followed, serious questions about structural racism and economic inequality, are rightfully being asked. My community has responded to this deep inquiry by fighting to stop the incinerator and demand community control of land. At this critical moment, we are calling upon FMC Corporation and CEO Pierre R Brondeau to free the land being held by the failed incinerator project to make way for a community owned solar farm.” - Destiny Watford, Free Your Voice leader and Curtis Bay resident.

Sign on now to join in the call for FMC Corp to free the land to make way for a community owned solar farm. Then, sign our petition calling for an end to public subsidies for trash incinerators. 




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  • Sign the petition: FMC, Free the Land!
  • I am deeply inspired by the young people who are taking up this work. I believe that the ancestors are looking down and that they are proud of the work you are doing to forward the work of justice in the world.
  • Sign the petition: FMC, Free the Land!
  • Did we not learn about lead in Flint, Michigan
  • Sign the petition: FMC, Free the Land!
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