Environmental Justice

We are a group of students who live in Curtis Bay - a community in Baltimore, MD. We are fighting to stop a plan to build the nations' largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile away from our school. The incinerator would be permitted to burn 4,000 tons of trash per day and emit 240 pounds of mercury per year. Our community already has the highest level of toxic air emissions in the state, and as recently as 2008, in the entire nation.

As we went out and talked to our neighbors, we realized that hardly anyone is aware that the incinerator project even exists. Those who are aware are mostly against it and yet, the project is moving forward. We believe that as human beings, we have the right to make decisions about issues that impact us and that we have a right to live in healthy communities.

We have come to realize that in a situation like this, we need to build power and unity in order to make our voice heard.


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