Environmental Justice

We are a group of students who live in Curtis Bay - a community in Baltimore, MD. We organized for 5 years to stop a plan to build the nations' largest trash burning incinerator less than a mile away from our school - AND WE WON! The incinerator was permitted to burn 4,000 tons of trash per day and emit 240 pounds of mercury per year. Our community already has the highest level of toxic air emissions in the state, and as recently as 2008, in the entire nation.

As we went out and talked to our neighbors, we realized that hardly anyone was aware that the incinerator project even existed. Those who were aware were mostly against it and yet, the project would have moved forward. We believe that as human beings, we have the right to make decisions about issues that impact us and that we have a right to live in healthy communities.

We have come to realize that in a situation like this, we need to build power and unity in order to make our voice heard. Now that we successfully prevented a major environmental injustice - we are organizing towards realizing a positive Fair Development vision for our community. 

Together, we have created a Community Land Trust In South Baltimore. Together, we are building a path forward for our City to embrace Zero Waste instead of burning our limited natural resources at the BRESCO incinerator - our city's worst air polluter. The Baltimore Compost Collective is an amazing Zero Waste project - led by youth in South Baltimore - demonstrating what is possible. Click the image below to learn more about the project: 


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  • Jean Cushman
    I am impressed by the actions and decisions that United Workers make – from the Fair Development project to Zero Waste. I have been at several of your meetings and find them really well thought through. Thank you for being yourselves and for making the world a better place!
  • Edgar Baldwin
    Young people today have so much energy and enthusiasm. It really is contagious, if you’re not an old fuddy-duddy.

    -Edgar, <a rel=“”follow””>https://www.farmingtonhillsappliancerepair.com</a>
  • Jason Thomas
    It’s incredible to see the impact you’re creating in these communities! Thank you for your service and dedication..I can’t wait to see Baltimore adopt a Zero Waste policy.. keep advancing us forward :)

  • Jason Thomas
  • Linda Wallace
    This is true “We believe that as human beings, we have the right to make decisions about issues that impact us and that we have a right to live in healthy communities.”

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  • Darcy Wailen
    Great stuff, love seeing people rise up for a good cause to produce change in the community, keep it up!
  • Ynez Saulcedo
    Way to take a stand kids! United, your voices will be heard. I’m all about making sure kids are safe at their schools so they can learn their best and be prepared for the world and challenges ahead of them.

    Ynez – http://www.housecleaningsantamaria.com