Downtown Developers


The United Workers and National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) have collaborated on a groundbreaking report, Hidden in Plain Sight: Workers at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and the Struggle for Fair Development. The report casts new light on one of America’s most famous urban developments, revealing systemic poverty and human rights violations around Work with Dignity, Health and Education. Workers’ experiences documented over a three year period pose serious questions about the Inner Harbor development “success” and prevailing development discussions both in Baltimore and around the country. Hidden in Plain Sight both documents the working conditions and puts forth workers’ demands for Fair Development, a new rights based approach to address human rights, maximizing public benefits and sustainability. Along with links to the executive summary and the full report we are starting a new series of postings that provide further content not in the report — see the Inner Harbor research section. 

Download the full report here:                Download the executive summary here:






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