Analysis and Scholarship

Free Your Voice leaders developed the Stop the Incinerator powerpoint to share information and analysis with an expanding group of people who wanted to engage in the effort. The presentation is an educational tool developed to expand our capacity and build power:


 Free Your Voice students created the Human Rights Analysis of the Incinerator to look at the issue in terms of underlying human rights values. The analysis also pushed the group to consider alternatives based on human rights principles (click the image to view the analysis):


Free Your Voice created the Human Rights Problem Tree Analysis of the Incinerator to challenge ourselves to consider the root issues that are often hard to grasp:


Speech delivered to the Baltimore City School Board on May 27th 2014:

Destiny Watford delivering speech at School Board - click to read

This map shows the current burden of pollution in Curtis Bay: existing pollution sources are marked in yellow, and sources that are in violation of the Clean Air Act or the Clean Water Act are marked in red. The proposed incinerator site is marked with a star. Schools, gardens, rec centers, and fair development sites are marked in blue. Click the map below to learn more about each site and specific pollutants in Curtis Bay: 

Map detailing the pollution burden of Curtis Bay


A timeline of the issue and our work to stop the incinerator:


Short video asking the question: "What is the true cost of the incinerator?"

Short video describing the key factors underlying our position that the incinerator is failed development 




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